Spider Crane

Crane Capacity: 2.82 t x 1.4 m
Max. working radius: 8.205 m x 0.15 t
Max.lifting height (on the ground): 8.7 m
Max.lifting height (under the ground): -10.1 m (4 falls)



MC285C-3 Spider Cranes are the perfect machines for curtain wall installation, glass installation and plant equipment installation works. Mini cranes are fast becoming the machine of choice for building and repair of factories across the globe. For indoor work, Maeda Cranes are becoming more and more popular as the electric motor allows work to be completed without gas emissions in confined areas.

Product Specifications

Crane Capacity 2.82 t x 1.4 m
Max. Working Radius 8.205 m x 0.15 t
Max.Lifting Height 8.7 m
Max. Reach Below Ground -10.1 m (4 falls)
Max. Reach Below Ground (Aux Winch) -100m (single fall)
Outrigger Max.Extended Width (Lateral) 4,782 x (Front) 4,718 (Rear) x 3,990 mm
Travel Speed 0-2.2 km/h
Travel Ground Pressure MC285CWM-3 50 kpa (0.510 kgf/cm2)
Travel Ground Pressure MC285CWME-3 54.3kpa (0.554 kgf/cm2)
Engine YANMAR 2TNV70-NMBA / Diesel
Engine Rated Output 7.4 kW / 2,500 rpm
Engine *MC285CGRM-2 Briggs & Stratton 3564 / Petrol
Engine Rated Output *MC285CGRM-2 10.8 kW / 2,600 rpm
Electric Motor 5.5 kW, 4P 380V
Dimensions MC285CWM-3 (L)x(W)x(H) 2,800 x 750 x 1,470 mm
Dimensions MC285CWME-3 (L)x(W)x(H) 3,285 x 750 x 1,470 mm
Machine Weight MC285CWM-3 1,990 kg