Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is essential to maintain the machine’s condition and readiness to perform its task efficiently.  In general, preventive maintenance interval is varied from one model of machine to another.  For example, the maintenance interval for filter and lubricant is at every 250 or 500 hours depending on machine type (refer to user’s manual).

Although the filter and lubricant must be changed at a regular interval to ensure the machinery’s constant performance and efficiency.  Another factor that is as important to the machine’s functionality, no less than other parts of the machine, is the quality of the filter and lubricant used.

The genuine filters can filter out dirt and impurities in oil effectively without generating too much pressure in the system.  Benefits are evident in the decrease corrosion rate to other internal parts while minimizing downtime and saving repair cost in the long run.

The genuine lubricants certified by the machine’s manufacturers, are developed specifically for the use in various systems ranging from engine, hydraulic, gear, axle and brake systems.  This will also result in the machine working at peak performance as originally designed by the manufacturers.  Although other lubricants from oil manufacturers have been approved with the standard of the machine’s manufacturer but they have not been tested in the actual working site.  Therefore, the use of this type of lubricants will risk the machine to untimely corrosion and the repair cost can exceed the maintenance cost of using the genuine filters and lubricants in the first place.