Customer Support Agreement

ITI offers 4 types of repair and maintenance services of heavy machinery as follows:

Type 1: Machinery Check-up Agreement

Type 2: Machinery Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Type 3: Specific Parts of Machinery Repair and Maintenance Agreement

Type 4: Whole Machinery Repair and Maintenance Agreement


Benefits from Customer Support Agreement

  1. The preventive maintenance of the machinery will be planned and scheduled by expert mechanic in accordance to the manufacturer’s standards. This enables the machinery to perform to its highest level of efficiency.
  2. Customer will be aware and in control of the service cost throughout the contract’s duration.
  3. The machinery will be examined, and advice will be regularly provided using our specialized analysis tool. This tool capability is to pinpoint the precise problem or issue with the machinery before suffering severe damage and major breakdown.  The machinery’s repair and maintenance cost will, therefore, be kept at the minimum.
  4. The service will be provided by expert mechanics using the comprehensive specialized tools.
  5. Genuine parts and lubricants from Volvo will provide our customer a peace of mind that the machinery will constantly perform and function at its highest efficiency.

Volvo Machine Monitoring Program

The program functions via ECU system and the result will be presented in diagram format for ease of understanding.   The analysis through this program will show results such as your machine’s utilization history and the effect to the overall performance.  It can also run diagnostic check for anomaly to flag some issues in the machinery that require your immediate action such as repair or other maintenance work.

Benefits from Volvo Machine Monitoring Program

  • Reduce fuel consumption rate
  • Reduce repair and maintenance cost
  • Extend the machine’s life cycle
  • Increase the machine’s efficiency
  • Change working behavior of the machine’s controller

Therefore the maintenance agreement will increase the machine’s capability to its maximum efficiency and let you focus fully on your core business instead.


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