Certified Mechanic

Over hundreds of expert mechanics and engineers who have been trained, and certified their skills development in areas of machine maintenance, issue/problem analysis and repair with distinct speed and accuracy.    These mechanics had attended the training courses at Italthai Center and were trained by expert engineers from local and overseas.  The training courses are certified by the manufacturers in order to gain confidence among customers of our well-trained mechanics and engineers, who will maintain high standards of maintenance and repair services adhering to the manufacturers’ strict guidelines.

Our well-trained expert mechanics and engineers are available at all 12 branches across Thailand and 3 branches in Lao PDR equipped with the specialised tools available only to the official distributors.  Our services in maintenance, repair and recondition will be delivered in the highest efficiency and utmost professionalism manner.  You’ll be confident that the end result will not only be highly satisfactory but the value-for-money will be evident throughout the machine’s life cycle.