YUTONG is a heavy duty machine especially designed for mining & quarry. It is designed to provide excellent stability in every movement with water-spray cooling system. Ensure safety in both truck and the driver, with two-circuit brake and infrared camera. The system is specially designed for weight and shaft systems, this makes it easy to drive in uneven or rough terrain.

Moreover YUTONG truck also has a Rock-Body with 18 mm thickness, that helps with high compressive strength and impact resistance. Able to load more and extend the machine's performance. We also provide after-sales service at Italthai Center over 14 branches in Thailand and Lao PDR.

The truck that designed for heavy work duty job!
- Load rock or soil
- It is a truck with high resistance & very well balanced
- High safety due to 2-cycle brake system
- Available at 30, 40, 50, and 60 ton.

YUTONG YTK89A Mining Truck

Able to load more for more profitability. The YUTONG YTK89A is a version that was originally developed from YTK89. More comfortable & stable when the truck is full loaded.

Key Specification

• The bogie shaft developed from the previous model is stronger and easier to maintain. Able to carry more weight.
• Change from 9 gear to 7 gear, makes it stronger.

• Newly designed V-Type engine database.
• Increased air-to-air breathing allows the air to rely on the cleaner.

• Use copper material in the radiator hose for better heat dissipation.
• Change the exhaust pipe from drain to the floor to drained out towards the end. Dust will not spread out, cleaner environment.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Overall Dimension (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Kerb mass of entire vehicle (kg)
Allowed total mass with full load (kg)
Weichai WD12G420E211
France Valeo 430
Offset tilting suspending and anti-tipping cab, right-mounted
Wheel track of front wheel (mm)
Wheel track of middle and rear wheels (mm)
Capacity of standard compartment (m3)
Capacity of rock compartment (m3)
Maximum vehicle speed (km/h)