YUTONG is a specialized manufacturer of high-technology industrial machinery from China. For over 56 years of research and engineering machinery development.

The truck that designed for heavy work duty job!
- Load rock or soil
- It is a truck with high resistance & very well balanced
- High safety due to 2-cycle brake system
- Available at 30, 40, 50, and 60 ton.

YT3621 Mining Dump Truck

The 40-ton series has been trusted by users in many continents around the word; America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Key Specifications

Maximum Safety: The YT3621 is the perfect vehicle for mining & quarry industries. The two-circuit brake system and emergency brake system has been applied to increase the driving capacity on difficult routes. It combines the functionality of a durable driver's room to ensures the safety of both the driver and the truck.

Reliable: With a design-based and the conditions of driving, it improves the durability, not bending or twisting when running on the curve and crooked. The user is assured of excellent stability. YUTONG YT3621 is made of strong steel structure with higher compression strength and shock resistance throughout its life. The system also vibrate and the shaft system has been specially designed for more comfort.

Elegant and Comfortable: With its engine-driven design concept, it offers the same convenience as a usual car. The YT3621 mining dump truck has been carefully designed to provide a comfortable, stylish, soundproof driving atmosphere, and keep away dust from the outside. As well as materials in the driving cab also features fire retardant and environmentally friendly as well.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Overall Dimension (mm)
8750 x 3200 x3850
Wheelbase (mm)
Kerb mass of entire vehicle (kg)
Allowed total mass with full load (kg)
Weichai WD12G375E211
France Valeo 430
Offset tilting suspending and anti-tipping cab, right-mounted
Maximum vehicle speed (km/h)
Maximum gradeability (%)
Maximum turning diameter (m)
Minimum ground clearance (mm)
Approach angle (°)
Departure angle (°)
Lift time (s)
Landing time (s)
Maximum angle inclination (°)