Soil Compactor

Volvo Soil Compactor is designed with a very distinctive innovation. This makes the Volvo soil compactor perform very well. Its durable is excellent, reliability in quality and safety. It is also environmental friendly. The outstanding feature of the Volvo soil compactor are..

1. Adjustable Compaction Settings
2. High power-to-weight ratio
3. No-Spin® differential heavy duty shaft system


With the Volvo SD160 soil compactor your most demanding projects are under control. Abundant horsepower, massive centrifugal forces, high static weight, Ultra-Grade® traction system, and a robust drum are among its strengths.


CENTRIFUGAL FORCE: High centrifugal force and heavy drum weight facilitate excellent compaction and target density in fewer passes.

VISIBILITY: 360° visibility provides maximum safety. The machine’s frame and hood have been designed to provide a superior rear view.

DO MORE WORK EACH DAY: The Volvo SD160 Soil Compactor is equipped with a Cummins Tier 3 engine.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Operating weight (with ROPS)
16,199 kg
Centrifugal force
264/339 kN
Vibration frequency
23.3 - 30.8 / 24.2 - 33.8 hz
70 %
Rated engine power
129 kW
1.97/1.28 mm
Drum width
2,134 mm
Articulation angle
+/-38 degree
Oscillation angle
+/-16 degree