Soil Compactor

Volvo Soil Compactor is designed with a very distinctive innovation. This makes the Volvo soil compactor perform very well. Its durable is excellent, reliability in quality and safety. It is also environmental friendly. The outstanding feature of the Volvo soil compactor are..

1. Adjustable Compaction Settings
2. High power-to-weight ratio
3. No-Spin® differential heavy duty shaft system


The Volvo SD110 soil compactor is ready to handle all your compaction applications, from large residential, commercial and industrial site preparation to highways, water retention structures, utilities and more. It’s the 11-ton class soil compactor that gives you powerful drum performance for exacting work with soils and aggregates.


HIGH AND LOW DRUM AMPLITUDE: Operator selectable from the control panel, providing a choice between high or low amplitude for application or material depth flexibility.

VARIABLE FREQUENCIES: Easily and variably adjustable from the operator’s console, allowing versatile compensation due to soil types and conditions.

STABLE MANEUVERING: Articulation joint provides +/- 17 degree oscillation angle and frame articulation of +/- 40 degree, for greater stability and maneuverability.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Operating weight (with ROPS)
11,125 kg
Centrifugal force
165/245 kN
Vibration frequency
30 hz
52 %
Rated engine power
99 kW
1.92/1.29 mm
Drum width
2,134 mm
Articulation angle
+/-40 degree
Oscillation angle
+/-17 degree