Crawler Excavator

For more than 40 years, ITI has been a distributor and after-sales service provider of VOLVO construction equipment (VOLVO CE) in Thailand. VOLVO construction equipment has long been trusted by users around the world.


1. Mini excavator
2. Crawler excavators
3. Wheel excavators


The Volvo EC700C crawler excavator has all the power you need, plus perfectly harmonized hydraulics, to tackle the most difficult conditions and the toughest materials. It's your perfect partner for mass excavation, production trenching, rock-face stripping, mine loading and beyond.


HYDRAULIC KITS: A wide variety of hydraulic kits is available for various boom and arm combinations. Each kit maximizes performance according to the machine’s boom and arm length/shape. Get the most out of rotating/tilting attachments, crushers and hammers. Choose between 1 or 2 pump flow for best performance.

FULL-LENGTH DERAILING SHIELD: Keeps the track chain straight in uneven terrain, such as slopes and blasted rock – helping to avoid wear and extend life. The track chain is the most expensive wear part to replace, meaning the full-length derailing shield helps increase customer profit through lower repair costs.

REAR VIEW CAMERA: For improved safety on the job site, the manually-operated camera provides a clear rear view when reverse travel is selected or to the right hand side of the superstructure when the swing function is activated. A clear display is visible on the wide screen, color LCD of the IECU (Instrument Electronic Control Unit). The protected camera can be switched manually, using a selection switch on the keypad, to show either rear or side view.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Operating weight
69,300 - 71,700 kg
Gross power
346 kW engine speed
1,800 rpm
Bucket capacity
1.99 - 5.16 m³
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage
19,750 kg reach / height
7.5 / 1.5 m
Max. digging reach
13,170 mm
Max. digging depth
8,400 mm
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal)
276 kN
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost)
301 kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal)
254 kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost)
278 kN
Overall width feet inches
4,286 mm
Tail swing radius
4,140 mm
Based on machine configuration: Boom 7.7m; Arm 3.55m; Shoe 650mm; CWT 11 3000kg