Over 75 years of proven paving technology combined with Volvo’s renowned innovative engineering, safety and global support, provides you with the best asphalt paving. From our highway-class pavers to our midsized asphalt paving equipment, each model is equipped with high performance features to reduce maintenance, lower operating costs and boost productivity. To see what the industry standard will be tomorrow, put Volvo asphalt pavers in your fleet. We offer first-class paving equipment backed by first-class dealer support, and we never stop working to earn your trust.

Volvo ABG tracked pavers meet all
your paving needs. These powerful,
robust, sturdy machines are ideal
for medium and large scale projects.


The Volvo ABG9820 tracked paver is designed for placing all kinds of wearing, binder, and base courses in large paving widths up to 16 meters (52.5 ft) and thicknesses up to 500 mm (19.7 in). This heavy-duty paver offers a high paving output, ample reserve power, robust design, and ease of operation.


POWERFUL ENGINE: The COM III certified high performance engine provides ample reserve power for all operating conditions even at maximum paving width and under extremely high loads.

TRAVEL DRIVE: The electronically controlled travel drive ensures a uniform propulsion, accurate straight ahead travel, exact cornering and soft start.

EXCELLENT OPERATING COMFORT: Like all Volvo ABG pavers, the ABG9820 features the latest generation of the EPM system. No other system on the market offers such intuitive operation, and extensive options for storing and analyzing machine data. The operator's platform provides excellent all-round vision and spacious leg room for the operator. Both seats can be laterally extended beyond the outer edge of the paver.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Deutz TCD2015V06 4V
Engine power
273 kW engine speed
1,800 rpm
Engine emission
Basic width
3 m
Maximum paving width
16 m
Paving output
1,500 t/h
Maximum layer thickness
500 mm
Hopper capacity
17.5 t
Tractor weight
21,800 kg