Rough terrain crane

Crane Capacity: Boom 145t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height: Boom 61.3m
Max. Lifting Height: Boom+Jib 78.3m
Max. Load Radius: Boom 56m
Max. Load Radius:  Boom+Jib 64.9m


The largest class lifting capacities in rough terrain cranes

A new rough terrain crane that boasts the world’s largest class hoisting capacity. Utilizing a compact three-axle carrier as a base, our new crane combines the capability of an all terrain crane with the ease of operation and secure functionality of a rough terrain crane. In addition, environmental consciousness, enhanced safety, and equipment designed to maximize work efficiency are all standard features of the new crane.

Product Specifications


Crane Capacity (Boom)145t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height (Boom)61.3m
Max. Lifting Height (Boom+Jib)78.3m
Max. Load Radius (Boom)56m
Max. Load Radius(Boom+Jib)64.9m
Boom Length13.1m – 61.0m
Jib Length10.3m / 18.0m
Extension width of outriggers (Max)8.2m
Extension width of outriggers (Mid.)7.3m, 5.5m
Extension width of outriggers(Min.)2.99m


Engine ModelMitsubishi 6M60
Max. Output200kW (267PS) / 2,600min-1
Overall Length16,190mm
Overall Width3,315mm
Overall Height3,785mm