Compact Excavator

BOBCAT - compact equipment from USA. For more than 50 years, Bobcat Company has built compact equipment that helps you work more efficiently and effectively. You rely on the performance, toughness, comfort and versatility of our machines and attachments. It can be used in very limited space. There are more than 50 accessories available for a wide range of construction applications, including landscape, gardening and ground works.

1. Skid Steer Loaders
2. Compact Track Loaders
3. Compact Excavators
4. Telehandlers


Compact excavator (mini excavator) is a conventional tail swing model with exceptional performance, dig depth and dump height. The conventional tail swing makes it easier to move your machine through tight spaces such as doors, gates, and onto trailers.


Compared to their minimal or zero tail swing counterparts, conventional tail swing models typically deliver the greatest lift capacity in the Bobcat® lineup. Conventional tail swing excavators also have a narrower stance (width) for improved access through doorways, gates, property lines or other restrictions. It’s also helpful when you load the machine on a trailer.

For the most convenient attachment changes in the industry, choose the optional Hydraulic X-ChangeTM system. Activate the hydraulic pins at the press of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hook up. Hydraulic X-Change maintains optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry so arm and bucket forces are not compromised.

Bobcat compact excavators deliver more hydraulic horsepower than other brands of the same size. More power means more performance under load. This performance advantage is easily measured in increased slew torque, faster cycle times and maximum auxiliary hydraulic performance. The end result is more work per hour in the toughest conditions and increased attachment performance.

Key Specifications

Specification and Unit
Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 4
Engine Fuel
Maximum Governed RPM
2,200 rpm
49.8 hp
Turbocharged Engine
Operating Weight
12,004 lb
Weight Class
5.6 t
Travel Speed - High
3.1 mph
Travel Speed - Low
1.9 mph
Arm Digging Force
5,751 lbf
Bucket Digging Force
8,977 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity
4999 lb
Lift Radius
118 in
Boom Swing - Left
Boom Swing - Right
Maximum Dig Depth
12.9 ft
Max Dump Height
13.6 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
20 ft
Fuel Tank
21.1 gal
Auxiliary Std Flow
20 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure
3,045 psi
206.4 in
Overall Length in Travel Position
206.4 in
77.2 in
100 in
Height with Operator Cab
100 in